Sales Tax Free Weekend

Sales Tax Holiday Weekend at Desiree’s Desires, Inc. Sales Tax Free 2015

Massachusetts is having another Sales Tax Holiday 2015 weekend on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16. Good news is even sex toys and adult novelties are sales tax exempt this weekend!! Woot-woot. We have all become accustomed to the sales tax holiday weekend these last several years, perhaps even the past decade. I can’t recall a time now when we haven’t had one.

Our experience with sales tax holiday weekend

Sales tax holiday weekend is typically a dead weekend for us. We are a small specialty retailer. We can not compete with the furniture stores and big box chain stores selling appliances and electronics. Our “electronics” are small pennies compared to the sales tax you can save on $2500 (the maximum amount that is eligible for sales tax-free purchasing). We do not blame people one bit for wanting to take advantage of this special savings. All we know is, our most expensive product is $254, so the maximum amount of savings you can get off one product in our store is $15.88 compared to $156.25 on a max purchase for a big-ticket item. I guess every penny counts, and that’s great.

Don’t forget the Small Businesses

Because you are going to enjoy savings this sales tax holiday weekend, please consider buying your products at a local business. I know price is always an issue, and I completely understand that principle. If, however, there is a local store in your area that is a small family business, please try to give them your business. Often times local small family businesses are more competitive than you may think. Consider the sales tax savings, and keep your money local!!!

Desiree’s Desires Hours for Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

We have a retail store at 9 Walker Drive in Upton, Massachusetts and an online eBoutique for at-home shopping. We are closed on Sundays regularly, so if you want to save your sales tax on pleasure products in-store, please visit us on Saturday, August 15. If you plan on shopping for bigger purchases during the day, our online eBoutique is open 24/7 from the convenience of your own home. You can enjoy sales tax savings online Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16.


What is on your wish list this Sales Tax Holiday Weekend?

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