Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, November 28thsmall business saturday

The momentum is growing. People are shopping local and they love it! As small family business owners, we are delighted that customers are seeing the importance of staying local and shopping local. We appreciate it! We understand that Black Friday is still giant, and most people can’t resist the big box store discounts. Guess what? Small Business Saturday is just as fun and exciting because you are supporting your neighbors, friends, and local families. This Saturday, November 28, 2015, please show your hometown spirit and go to your favorite locally owned restaurant or gift shop in support of Small Business Saturday.

Customers have lots of choices

We know you have lots of choice when it comes to shopping. Whether its big box retailers or the internet, we all know certain products can easily be bought anywhere. Why not choose a local store? The myth is that locally owned businesses are usually small and therefore can’t compete with the big box retailers. That isn’t always the case. Most local small businesses are highly competitive. As a locally owned brick and mortar adult sex toy boutique, I can guarantee you we are competitive. Most of our product manufacturers require minimum pricing, so no matter where you buy the item, it has the same price. As with any business, we are constantly comparative shopping. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t “check out” our competition. What we don’t like is the occasional person who asks us for discounts. Would you ask Target to give you a discount as the check out? I don’t think so. Please remember that when we ticket an item, it’s what we think the item is worth for the quality of the product. We always price accordingly and believe our tickets are fair and competitive.

Brick & Mortar v. the Internet

It may be easy to purchase an iPhone on the internet from your local wireless carrier. We know what technological products look like, how they function, and we can easily return them if they are not as expected. Sex toys and adult sexual health and wellness items are a little different. I know there are a million online “sex shops,” but what you don’t get from those is customer service. It’s more difficult than you think to shop for a personal hygiene product online. Not all descriptions are accurate and not all pictures accurately characterize what the products is going to do for you. You can’t see or touch a vibrator when you buy them online. You have no idea how many people make an online sex toy purchase and regret it. Then they visit our boutique and find the right thing. It’s a common story we hear from people who shop online for sex toys. While we have an online eBoutique, we still prefer you shop brick and mortar with us if you can. That way you can ask questions and make sure what you take home is what you actually want. Sometimes customers have read online about a certain product and think that’s going to be the one. Then they visit our boutique, see and feel the product, and realize it’s absolutely wrong for them.

Please Stay Local

A local small business has trained and knowledgeable staff that are helpful because they live in the community. They are your neighbors, your friends. They talk to you and share stories. We love being able to get to know the people who visit our boutique. It is a highlight of everyday to meet someone new or chit-chat with a regular customer. We have customers who have become friends. When we don’t see them, we wonder if they are okay. That’s what staying local and shopping local is all about – personal relationships. In an age where interaction is slowing chipping away, we like to think we are still old school. We smile, we talk, and we have a few laughs. What can be better than that?

Visit us on Small Business Saturday this November 28, 2015 from 11am-8pm. The gift giving season is upon us. We over FREE gift wrapping with any purchase big or small!

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