Desiree returns to Talk Show

Desiree returns to Talk Show with RJ SheedyTalk Show with RJ Sheedy

Desiree will join local television host, RJ Sheedy, on his LIVE show – Talk Show – this Saturday, January 27th at 8:00PM. You can view the show live only on MilfordTV. Watch replays the entire month of February. Desiree was fortunate enough to be on Talk Show last year around this time. RJ, his crew, and the folks at Milford TV are such a pleasure. It’s nice to know real locals continue to care about their community. What a fun place to sit down and talk shop!


Do you have questions for Desiree?

Last year Desiree and RJ discussed the business of Desiree working side-by-side with her co-owner and mother, Doreen. She also brought RJ a little bag of tricks. Showing RJ some of the hottest products was Talk Show gold. So much fun and laughter. What will she bring him this year? That’s for Desiree to know, and for you to tune in to find out! Moreover, what topics will they cover? If you have a specific question you want RJ to ask or Desiree to answer, please leave a comment here or go to the Talk Show Facebook page and leave a comment or send a message.

****Watch Desiree’s segment from 2017 here.****

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