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Adult Boutique

Talk Show with RJ Sheedy

Desiree appearing on Local Talk Show Desiree is thrilled to announce she will be appearing on Talk Show with RJ Sheedy LIVE on Saturday, February 11 at 8PM on Milford TV. They say it's important to shop local and stay local. Well, nothing could be more local than this. RJ is ...

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Valentine’s is our Christmas

Valentine's Day is our Holiday Holidays are always good for business, but if you sell sexy stuff for a living, Valentine's Day is the busiest time of year. If you are in the retail business you know there are certain "trends" in the business: August is the slowest month of the year; Tuesday ...

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Winter Weather Heats Things Up

Winter storms don't stop people from visiting us! I don't know what happens to people physiologically when the snow starts to fly. What I do know is winter weather - even the most severe storms - bring out lots of customers. I really should commission a study on this. :) What ...

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Judgement Free Zone

When you visit our boutique, there is no judgement here. We sell sex toys for a living. We see so many different people per day who are into different sexual adventures. We really are in no position to be judging anyone. Our motto is, "If you're into it and you're ...

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