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Sex Toy Cleaning Guide

All You Need to know about Sex Toy Cleaning We are constantly being asked by customers what the best sex toy cleaning practices are in order to maintain the quality of the toy and health of the user. What we always tell people is most often than not SOAP & WATER ...

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CES Features Sex Toys

CES - the Consumer Electronics Show - features some high-tech sex toys. Over the years we have seen some great sex toy gadgets revealed at the CES in Las Vegas. The CES kicks off the conventions in Vegas every New Year. What we are finding more and more of is high-end ...

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Holiday Gift Guide

Desiree's Desires Holiday Gift Guide This is not your typical holiday gift guide! We hope all of our other holiday gift ideas were helpful. With just four days left until Christmas, we have decided to let you know what items have been the most popular this holiday season. This holiday gift ...

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Sex Toy: Novelties v. Warrantied

What to Look for when Choosing a Sex Toy We talk about this all the time with our customers: what is the difference between novelty and warrantied sex toys? Is one better than the other? Here, we are going to break it down for you in an easy way, so you ...

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