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Summertime Sex Guide

Make your Summer Sizzle Research suggests people living in cooler northern climates tend to increase their sexual activity in summertime evidenced by peak birth rates occurring in the spring (9 months later). Whether you're looking to increase the size of your family or just looking to increase your pleasure, summertime is ...

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Sex Sells (but not if you own a sex toy store)

Sex Sells (but not if you own a sex toy store) Over the past few weeks we have taken to our blog to discuss the strange world we live in and the rules we must abide by as owners of an adult boutique. We want to take this time to outline ...

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Sex Toy Stigma be Gone!

Sex Toy Stigma be Gone Using Sex Toys is Absolutely Normal It has become clear that we have a sex toy stigma not only in this country but across the globe. For years we have discussed our struggle as sex toy boutique owners in Puritan Massachusetts. Trying to find a "suitable" location ...

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Sex Ed Training

Sex Ed: continuing our training everyday We pride ourselves on having knowledge about sexual health and wellness. Our goal is to be able to answer questions not just about our products, but about how our products will suit your particular needs. In order for us to stay up to speed with ...

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