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They say knowledge is power. Well, we say knowledge is also great sex. If you want to have better sex or if you want to turn already great sex into incredible sex then instructional guides might be what you need. Explore and learn with one of our award-winning Loving Sex Instructional DVDs. A leading series created by the Alexander Institute in San Francisco, CA, customers find these DVDs very informative. They are a great way to introduce something new and exciting to the bedroom. There are many subject areas to choose from including these most popular titles:

  • 101 Advanced Sexual Positions for Lovers
  • The Art of Advanced Oral Sex
  • Anal Play for Lovers
  • G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
  • Lover’s Massage


For those who don’t want viruses on their computers, we stock adult videos for your viewing pleasure. While we are not a DVD superstore, we have a decent selection of adult movies to choose from. We carry high-end production quality adult films as well as all-sex videos. We have a variety of genres, as well.

Our movies range in price from $10 and up. We also always run a selected video deal for our customers. Selected DVDs deals are priced as marked and are a FINAL SALE.

Due to credit card processing, we do not sell films online. Please visit us in-store to view our instructional guides and all of our XXX films.