Soft & SilkyHealth and Beauty Products

The health and beauty area of our boutique is absolutely lovely. Sensuality is an important part of sexual wellness. Are you wanting to enhance your sensuality? Create a better sense of calm and tranquility? We have many health and beauty products that can help set just the right mood.


Massage Oils: We feature many varieties of massage oils. We know choosing just the right texture and scent is an important part of sensual massage. Our massage oils, glides, and lotions are scented, unscented, or flavored. We have sample testers of our most popular oils and glides. Visit our boutique to feel the glide and smell the flavor.

Massage Candles: Looking for ambiance? A 3-in-1 scented massage candle is a perfect bedroom health and beauty accessory. Bask in the aroma, glide with massage oil, and hydrate with this deep skin conditioning formula. These three essential components are what makes these candles a must have. Specifically, enjoy a calming aroma or an edible flavored 3-in-1 massage candle.


Shaving Crèmes: Are you annoyed by bumps and irritation when you shave? Try a soft and smooth intimate shaving crème. Coochy Crème is the leading health and beauty shaving crème. It will leave your shaved areas feeling silky and smooth. Most importantly, it helps ease irritation in your most intimate areas. Plus, Coochy can be used as a deep conditioner for your hair.

Hydrate & Attract

After Bath: Make sure you keep your skin hydrated on a daily basis. Coochy after protection mist will keep your intimate area feeling nice and soft. Also, body oils are excellent skin moisturizers that will leave you smelling lovely.

Pheromones: We all have that inner sexy. If you need help drawing it to the surface, try a sex attractant. Pheromone infused health and beauty products smell great and make your wild side shine!

Stop by our store to smell, taste, and feel our health and beauty products or visit our Product Gallery to explore our inventory of delicious products!