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Talk Show with RJ Sheedy

Desiree appearing on Local Talk ShowTalk Show with RJ Sheedy

Desiree is thrilled to announce she will be appearing on Talk Show with RJ Sheedy LIVE on Saturday, February 11 at 8PM on Milford TV. They say it’s important to shop local and stay local. Well, nothing could be more local than this. RJ is a local guy running his own independent talk show airing on Milford TV. We love supporting local businesses and local budding entertainers. We’re very happy RJ asked Desiree to discuss the business, what we are all about, and bring some favorite Valentine’s Day products with us. This should be fun.

More about Talk Show with RJ Sheedy

According to its Facebook Page, Talk Show with RJ Sheedy, launched in January 2013, “is a ‘Late Night Style’ local access show that features comedy skits, Interviews, Local Music, Stand Up Comedians and MORE!” What makes it special is the fact that it is produced independently by community volunteers. It’s so great that RJ and local friends can have fun, promote local talent and businesses, and have a community resource for people. You really can’t get better than that.

Watch it LIVE

As of now, Desiree is scheduled for the second segment of Talk Show on Saturday, February 11 at 8PM. The show is broadcast on Milford TV. If you can’t catch it live, there are other opportunities to see it. The schedule is:

  • Sundays at Midnight
  • Tuesday at 11pm
  • Thursdays at 9pm
  • Saturdays at 8pm.

We want to thank RJ for asking Desiree to appear on his show! It should be alot of fun.

Desiree’s Desires, Inc. is a sexual health and wellness boutique that specializes in promoting a sex positive environment. We sell high quality sexual enhancement products, lingerie, lotions, lubricants, and much more. We love answering questions and assisting our customers in choosing the best products for their needs.



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