Sex Toy Stigma be Gone!

Sex Toy Stigma be Gone

Using Sex Toys is Absolutely Normal

It has become clear that we have a sex toy stigma not only in this country but across the globe. For years we have discussed our struggle as sex toy boutique owners in Puritan Massachusetts. Trying to find a “suitable” location for our business took years. Making sure we met all of the zoning restrictions and set-back requirements proved nearly impossible. Once we finally found a location, the difficulty of being excepted in the business community was eye-opening. Yet, our customers find us, and we know they are having sex! If people could erase the sex toy stigma and embrace sexual enhancements, perhaps they would not only have a better sex life but be healthier too.

Recently the premier sex toy brand, Hot Octopuss, surveyed couples to see how they felt about their sex lives. This is what they discovered:

  • 78% of people are uncomfortable talking with their partners about what they want in bed.
  • 69% of people are generally dissatisfied and/or bored with their sex life.
  • 31% of people claim to be happy with their sex life.

How can we be intimate with our sexual partner if we can not communicate with them? It’s a fundamental question that is increasingly more difficult to answer. It is not good enough to say, “we don’t have the time” or “after kids your sex life changes.”  In order to maintain good sexual health and wellness, we must start making sex a priority. In order to keep sex fresh, exciting, and pleasurable, sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones and explore or sexuality. Sex toys are good ways to do this, and you should not feel ashamed if you add them into your sex life. Don’t get caught up in sex toy stigma.

3 Tips to Increase Better Communication:

  1. Tell your partner what you like best about sex with them: If you want to initiate a more in-depth conversation about sex, sexual desire, and sexual wants then start by telling your partner what it is they do that drives you crazy. Communicate the good with one another. Expanding upon the conversation will be easier. 
  2. Write down your sexual wants: Verbalizing isn’t always easy. Take time to write down two or three desires. Then exchange cards and start the conversation.
  3. Communicate during sex: If you are in the middle of sex and like something, make sure to verbalize that. Trust me, your partner will take note. In turn, if you don’t like something say that too. Asking questions like, “does this feel good” during sex is another way to increase communication and pleasure. 

3 Facts about Sex Toys that may Help Reduce Sex Toy Stigma:

  1. Sex toys do not replace humans: A silicone, plastic, or rubber inanimate object will never replace the emotionally and physical presence of another human-being. It’s that simple. If you can’t grasp that, you need to just let it go.
  2. Sex toys improve medical problems: Often times sex may be uncomfortable resulting in lack of desire and activity. Sex toys are commonly used to stimulate, firm, and tone pelvic floor muscles. As we age, in particular, women and men find many medical benefits to using sex toys.
  3. Sex toys are great sex enhancers: Sex toys are made to increase foreplay, provide extra stimulation during sex, and allow sensual cool down afterwards.

Don’t miss out on endless orgasms and increased pleasure because you are afraid to talk about sex toys with your partner. Join Hot Octopuss, the inventor of the PULSE Products and us in kicking the sex toy stigma. Who wants to invigorate your sex life with increased communication and orgasmic sex toys? We do! Let’s wipe out the sex toy stigma!

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